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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Trinka AI - Target Market


Trinka AI

Trinka AI - Target Market

Trinka AI has a fresh take on emotion tracking that can also prove useful in machine learning.

Trinka AI embraces emotion tracking for its behavior and physiological response features. One key advantage is it scales linearly with data. A small sample size generates a relatively modest response.

Of course, the ability to return emotion recognition and tracking features consistently with the number of participants being tested in a given study could have other unique benefits, such as tracking response to changes in training data or to new lessons. In other words, Trinka AI provides a truly integrated solution that is both specific to autism and adaptable to other applications.

Trinka AI also touts simplicity. Most importantly, it takes away the ambiguity of fine-tuning and tracking the emotional response of humans using different cameras, gloves, and other sensors.

Trinka AI - Price

The company claims to be already making profits.

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Christian Fedeff, F.C.T., is a blogger on, an online platform that helps English learners and teachers alike improve and perfect their skills. Since 2012, Christian has led the development of Trinka, the smart grammar editor.

He has taught English and Technology in Switzerland for ten years. In 2016, he founded Trinka Labs, a startup dedicated to offering readers, writers, and teachers tools to improve and perfect their language skills.

The skills-focused software takes the grammar guessing and guessing out of writing and instead makes sure your grammar and writing are perfect every time.

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