Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms

Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms

The digital marketing agency for law firms is one of the fastest growing markets in the sector. A recent survey of marketing professionals across all sectors, showed that law firms ranked fourth for the highest willingness to change their marketing activities.

The Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms web pages are still mostly text-based with little to promote the law firm and rarely offering the detail necessary to answer most client inquiries or to make an offer. Digital marketing agencies have implemented more robust tools and use sophisticated social media marketing to bring a new level of digital focus and engagement.

Leading law firms and law firms that work closely with their attorneys have used digital marketing agencies for several years. Among the factors driving the digital marketing market share growth is an increasingly digital working environment where lawyers spend much of their time at home or in coffee shops. 

More lawyers have become interested in becoming digital savvy in order to get ahead in their careers and better understand their prospects. They also increasingly want to put their skills into action on behalf of their current clients.

Digital marketing specialists in the digital marketing agency are trained in marketing, social media and marketing research techniques. Most are graduates of top marketing colleges and top digital agencies. The digital marketing agencies often collaborate with digital marketing agencies for the benefit of their law firm clients.

Digital marketing agencies generate leads in the form of marketing messages that are sent via email or social media. The digital marketing companies then deliver those messages to lawyers who can respond to these messages and provide them with additional information, such as information on attorneys in their practice areas, their firms’ branding or their business approach. 

Law firms are also looking for digital marketing companies to ensure that they are compliant with current and new regulatory requirements.

For example, the latest regulation of the Law Marketing Organization is changing the requirements for digital marketing firms in order to ensure that they have the right structure and procedures in place to handle digital marketing activities. The law firm’s digital marketing agency is often a law firm’s first step in digital marketing.

Legal firms already working with the digital marketing agencies for law firms can increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts by building relationships with the digital marketing firms. 

Digital marketing firms can continue to grow their businesses by partnering with the law firms to deliver more tailored digital services to the law firm clients.

The digital marketing agencies can provide law firms with a variety of digital marketing services. For example, firms can purchase digital marketing packages for print advertising or digital marketing campaigns. 

Some law firms, such as at big-name firms like Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman or at smaller firms that do not have a separate marketing department can collaborate with the digital marketing firms in their law firm network to provide digital marketing services for clients.

Other law firms can work with digital marketing companies to offer a digital marketing plan for each of their law firm clients. Law firms often make digital marketing services an integral part of the marketing department, with marketing specialists helping to deliver the marketing plan to clients.

Consumers and businesses want to engage with law firms online and lawyers are turning to digital marketing agencies to help them do so.

Do law firms have marketing departments? 

Absolutely. This is nothing new. Advertising has been around for centuries. However, the law firm may not have the same type of publicity push of a consumer product or an entertainment brand, so it can be an uphill climb to market to the very individual-focused, real-life clients that attorneys may need to win their future clients.

In our world, there are so many legal news sources from which to choose. Law firms must take the risk of choosing what news outlets to advertise to.

Another big marketing risk for law firms is to communicate through various media outlets. Just like any form of marketing, creating newsworthy content requires organization, communication, planning and foresight. 

Whether you create content for the media or simply do a nice social media post, the key is to engage with clients and encourage positive brand perception for a law firm.

Make sure that the law firm has an effective and proactive marketing plan in place. One that is able to convey the benefits of your services. If the law firm doesn’t have an effective marketing plan and follows the basic steps, they will likely lose business to a legal marketing powerhouse.

How much do law firms spend on marketing?

A client of ours recently asked about legal marketing: She owns a large chain of grocery stores and grocery wholesalers. She hired a lawyer in her chain to handle a lease issue. Our client paid the lawyer a five-figure retainer and some top-shelf legal marketing services that included Webinars, an advocacy campaign, and a public relations firm.

Things went well – but not perfectly. The lawyer continued to use the same old services after the lease was settled. So, our client’s lawyer eventually told her she had to move on. When our client went back to the lawyer to ask if there was a way to negotiate a refund, the lawyer refused. Our client wound up paying more to get the job done.

And this isn’t the only situation like this. Some lawyers continue to work with clients even after a dispute has ended.

If you run a small law firm and can’t afford to go big on marketing, how do you get your brand known?

How many marketing channels should a law firm use?

Our law firm employs two full-time marketing managers. Their job is to get our name out there. They collect prospect profiles, identify the top prospects, and get those prospects involved with the legal team.

Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms

Why does a law firm need marketing?

Marketing is the lifeblood of the legal business. The definition of legal marketing is related to developing compelling communication strategies that showcase your firm as a trusted and reliable resource. Also, as your firm’s marketing strategies evolve, you will be constantly searching for ways to increase visibility, improve results and ultimately increase client acquisition.

But beyond the obvious benefits of marketing, marketing becomes increasingly crucial to the long-term growth of your firm. Many law firms feel that marketing is the responsibility of outside vendors or consultants, yet this is not so. Marketing is part of your firm and one of the most effective ways to increase both business and profits.

The current landscape of marketing involves a multitude of ways for law firms to be more involved in this crucial endeavor. Often, a law firm will be presented with a business opportunity, business goal or communication opportunity and it will simply be up to the firm to determine whether marketing is the best method for promoting, developing and implementing that initiative.

You can either put all of your resources into marketing initiatives that will help you implement your business plan or put your focus into improving your existing client relationships. The decision is ultimately up to you.

You must consider marketing in a strategic and fundamental way. It is not just another perk of running a law firm, it is your one chance to prove to your business partners and the outside world that you are a strategic and effective business partner. Market your law firm effectively.

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