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Monday, May 9, 2022

Different types of Digital Marketing


Different types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a system where you can promote your brand, company, and product in a variety of ways. There are different types of digital marketing. Different types of digital marketing include:

1. Search engine optimization

2. Content Marketing

3. Social media marketing

4. Pay Per Click (PPC)

5. Affiliate Marketing

6. Native Addvertiseting

7. Marketing automation

8. Email Marketing

9. Online PR

10. In-bound marketing

11. Sponsor Content

12. Search Engine Marketing

13. Instant messaging marketing

 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is nothing new to say about what Search Engine Optimization is. Hopefully you all know more or less. Simply put, SEO is the process of ranking a website in search engines. This can give your website a lot of organic traffic. Channels like websites, blogs, and infographic can benefit from search engine optimization.

There are several types of SEO. Let's take a look at some types of SEO.

On page SEO: 

On page SEO is the SEO that is done with the visible content of the website. By doing specific keyword research, the keyword that is searched the most is to create beautiful content according to the rules with that keyword On Page SEO. If the content is well presented, the search engines will put it in a good ranking and readers will also benefit from it. And when readers will benefit, they will come to your website again and again and your brand will be known.

Off page SEO: 

All work is done in this SEO to increase the performance of the website. It basically involves the optimization of the website. This SEO can be used to create inbound outbound links or back-links. Linking to publishers, websites related to specific keywords. Off-page SEO includes everything from creating “Authority” links to guest posting.

Technical SEO: 

This SEO is basically connected to the backend of the website. How your website is coded, how images are compressed, and how it involves structured data, CSS file optimization. Not only does the website always provide good content, the ranking also depends on whether the content is easily readable by the audience.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating content that is designed to build a company's brand awareness, increase traffic, lead generation, and attract customers. All in all, highlighting a specific brand through content.

There are several ways content marketing can be done,

Blog Post: 

Customers can create an article or blog post about a specific product or company. This blog post gives the opportunity to the website visitors to become buyers. For example, you wrote a content about comfortable clothes in summer and there are some T-shirts of your brand.

E-books and white papers: 

E-books, white papers or any large content website can attract visitors. Sometimes it is possible to collect customer data in return. In order to download an e-book, some information has to be given to the visitor, thus the visitor will get the e-book as well as the lead of the company will be generated.


Sometimes through infographics you can provide the necessary information to the visitors. Visitors will be able to get important information without looking at the big content. Moreover, the audience prefers to read any article to see the data and statistics.

Audio & Visual Content: 

Television, radio but an important channel of digital marketing. Creating audio content for radio, such as uploading video content online, can also reach a large community. For radio, the content must be made in such a way that the audience can understand the main message while listening to the audio.

3. Social media marketing

Nowadays social media plays an important role in getting any company to be known among the huge audience. It is possible to generate brand awareness, traffic and leads through social media.

You can use the HubSpot tool to bring together platforms like social media like Facebook, LinkedIn. You can schedule content for multiple channels with this tool. At the same time you can do all the important analytics and monitor.

With HubSpot, all social media platforms can be brought in one place, you can get everyone's message in one place.

When it comes to social media marketing, you can choose from the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
There are many marketers who use these platforms to create viral campaigns. Brands can be promoted by joining hands with popular content creators on social media so that messages about the brand can be sent to a huge audience. Moreover, organic traffic can be obtained by creating any content to be shared.

4. Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a method of getting traffic to a website by paying publishers for every ad click. The most popular and widely used Pay Per Click (PPC) is Google Ads. You can buy slots for ads by making a specific payment to Google. If you want, you can place ad in both search engine or website. You can also use PPC on some other channels besides Google.

Facebook Ad: 

You can customize, video, image, post on Facebook and give ad on the whole platform. If you target an audience, only your specified audience will be able to see the ad.

Twitter Ad Campaign: 

Users can also run ads on Twitter by targeting specific audiences. By running ads here, you can get traffic to the website, increase followers, get engagement on Twitter and download certain apps.

Sponsor Messages on LinkedIn: 

Users can send direct messages to audiences of specific industries or backgrounds by paying on this platform.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other people's products or services for a specific commission. Through this one can promote other's products on one's own website or on any platform. This marketing can also be done by hosting ads in the YouTube Partner Program, and by posting affiliate links on social media.

This is a relatively new method in influencer marketing. Campaigns through influencers can work great in affiliate marketing Choosing the right content creator can take you to the next level in digital marketing.

6. Native Add

The ads that are shown to match the content of any platform are called Native Advertising. Suppose you read the content of a newspaper, there are some other news suggestions below, those suggestions may be ad show like news. Users often do not understand that it is an ad.

Many people call social media ad a native ad. For example, if you add an ad in messenger, you will see that it also looks round like a chat head.

7. Marketing automation

When basic marketing operations are done automatically through a software, it is called marketing automation. Some people do these things manually while others prefer to do them automatically.

Email Newsletter: 

Newsletters can not only automatically email subscribers but also expand the contact list. This allows the offer to be promoted among the subscribers quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Scheduling Post: 

It is important to be regular on social media. Appropriate content should be shared every day. This can be difficult for many to do manually so scheduling can be posted here. There are various social media scheduling tools that can help you a great deal in digital marketing.

Lead-centric emails: 

Generating leads and then turning them into customers can be quite time consuming. You can send them lead-specific emails to automate this task. For example, specific mail will be sent to those who fill up the form or download the e-book.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting: 

Tracking a marketing campaign is important because it determines whether the campaign is succeeding or failing. Marketing automation can help you in this case. You can find out through specific tools how the performance is, what kind of audience is behaving. Moreover, it is important to check the performance of any campaign within a few days of running it. If you fix the issues and run the campaign again, you will get good results.

8. Email Marketing

In the age of digital marketing, companies use email marketing to reach their audiences. Email marketing is all about content promotion, offers, discounts, and events. There are several ways email marketing can be done,

  • Blog Subscription Newsletter
  • Follow-up email for those who will download something from the website
  • Welcome email for customers
  • Email of various special offers for Loyal members
  • Mail various tips for the information of customers

9. Online PR

Online PR is a way to get enough online coverage through digital publishers. Simply put, promoting your company through popular online websites, blogs, content creators. Online public relations is the same as traditional public relations but it will be on the internet.

Social Media Reporting: 

Talking to various social media journalists, including Twitter, should build a good relationship with them. This can create opportunities for your company's media coverage.

Reply to online reviews: 

When a customer makes a review about your company, be sure to reply, for better or for worse. Try to solve the problem. This will make the audience aware of your brand.

Reply to Tumente: 

Reply Tumente to those who will do Tumente in the content of your website or blog just like the review. Doing this will increase the audience engagement.

10. Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is about attracting, engaging and satisfying customers at every step of the buyer's journey. You can use all the methods discussed above as inbound marketing. The key is to create an environment where the customer experience will be created where they will not be bothered. If we differentiate between inbound marketing and traditional marketing,

  • Blogging vs. Popup Addvertisement
  • Video Marketing Vs. Commercial Ed
  • Email contact list vs. Email spam

11. Sponsor Content

We all know about Sponsor Ed. Promoting one's own company by paying another company. The most effective of the sponsored content or ads is influencer marketing. Influencers can promote your service or product to their audience for a certain amount of money.

Another method of sponsored content is blog post or article. You can also promote your product or company by writing articles about your product in popular blogs.

12. Search Engine Marketing

When a user searches for a product or service in a search engine, their own ad placement is SEM or search engine marketing. If you search for anything, the first thing you see is some results. It is possible to get a lot of traffic to the website by placing ads in search engines.

The two most popular SEM services today are Bings Ads and Google Ads. Since the results of the ad are shown here just like the organic search, it can also be called a lot of native ad.

13. Instant messaging marketing

If you want, you can also promote your product directly through various messaging platforms. This allows you to give your customers direct updates on Flash sales, new products, and various orders. If you want you can send a message on the phone or you can use platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

Last word

Digital marketing will give you thousands of ways to promote your product or service. You will adopt the method that is suitable for your industry. The tastes and needs of the audience are always changing so it is important to remember that the same strategy cannot always be adopted.

This tune discusses the best and most popular types of digital marketing that are constantly being used worldwide. I hope you will use the above methods in digital marketing.

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