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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Advanced Google Search Tips 2021

Advanced Google Search Tips

1. Use an Exact Phrase

Enclose your keywords within quotes and Google will do an exact phrase search.

  • Use case
        Find classes or training on direct sales. It can be any type of training class, but it must contain “direct sales”. 
  • Syntax
      "[keyword 1] [keyword 2]" [keyword 3]

2. Try Using... OR in search

Google will include all words from your search criteria unless you specify. By typing OR between your terms, Google will know it can look for one set of terms or the other. Capitalize OR, otherwise Google will assume it’s just part of your keyword.

  • Use case
        I'm looking for grilled recipes for either shrimp or scallops.
  • Syntax
      [keyword 1] OR [keyword 2]

3. Google Search Exclude Word

Exclude a word from Google search by adding a minus sign in front of that word. This can be tricky, so let’s see it in practice...

  • Use case
        You’re looking for marketing automation tools, but you don’t want email marketing automation tools as a search result. Let’s have Google exclude the word “email”.
  • Syntax
      -[keyword to exclude] [keyword to include]

4. Find all Words in a Text Block

Use Google’s allintext:syntax to search only a site’s body text and ignore links, URLs, and titles.

  • Use case
        Let’s find information on Inbound Marketing conference in 2021.
  • Syntax

5. Find Words Within Text + Title + URL, etc.

Find web pages where your search terms are in different locations. Ie - in the page body text, page title, URL, etc. For this use intext: before your keywords.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for an article on the health benefits of running
  • Syntax

NOTE: Google will search for "health" only in the body text where "benefits running" can be a results criterion for body text, page title and URL.

6. Google Search in a Title (one word)

Search for a word inside a web page title, and another set elsewhere on the web page. For this you’d blend intitle: into your search query.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for marketing blogs that use the word inbound in the title.
  • Syntax
      [keywords 1] intitle:[keywords 2]

7. Google Search in a Title (all multiple words)

Search within a web page title for all words in your query, use allintitle: before our search words.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for an article for the best Thai restaurants in Chicago.
  • Syntax

8. Search Within in a URL

Searching for keywords inside a URL is easy using  allinURL.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for an article on "SEO competitor research" and want to restrict search results to URLs that contain your keywords.
  • Syntax 

9. Search Within a Website

Search for a word within a website - use the site: syntax in front of the website URL, followed by your search term. This will restrict search results to that website only.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for the abbreviation for the New York Stock Exchange only on the New York Times website.
  • Syntax 
      site:[website URL] [keywords]]

FYI - Use this tip for searching within websites even if they don’t have an organic search function.

10. Google Search Similar Words

Google search for similar keywords or phrases we’ll use the ~ sign to get synonyms related to your query.

  • Use case
        Return exact results for direct marketing along with words similar to strategies, like tips and best practices.
  • Syntax
     "[keywords]" ~[keyword synonym]

11. Google Search Related Words

To find websites with similar content, use the modifier related: followed by the site you know.

  • Use case
        You’re looking to compare Inbound Marketing Software that’s similar to something you already know of, in this case, HubSpot.
  • Syntax
      related:[website URL you’re familiar with]

12. Google Search Definitions

Easily find the definition of a word without having to go to a dictionary website by using define: before your word. Google will deliver the definition and an audio player that offers the word's phonetic pronunciation

  • Use case
        You’re looking for the definition of marketing. 
  • Syntax

13. Google Search for Price

Google can help comparison shop and help look for other price options. Use a $ in front of a number to return price based search results.

  • Use case
        I know the new Amazon echo plus retails for about $149 and I’m looking for cheaper options.
  • Syntax
     [keywords] $[number]

14. Location-based Searches

To find news or information within a specific location, enter your search term, followed by the location: command.

  • Use case
        You heard the Avengers movie was filmed somewhere in Georgia and looking for info specific to that location.
  • Syntax
     avengers location:georgia

15. Google Search Wildcard (Missing or Unknown Words)

Can’t think of all the words? Include an * to tell Google to fill in the blanks for you. This works well for song lyrics or book titles as an example.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for the remaining words to the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty".
  • Syntax
     [keywords 1] * [keywords 2]

16. Translations

One of the handiest Google search tips is the ability to translate words between languages. Use the word translate, along with the word in the language you know, followed by the new language.

  • Use case
        You’re looking translate the phrase “the little baby is playing” to Spanish.
  • Syntax
     translate [keyword or sentence] to [language]

TIP - if you don't see your translation, go directly to:

17. Google Search File Type

Search for  file types such as PowerPoints, PDFs, etc use the filetype: command in your search words.

  • Use case
        Let’s say you wanted to find only PowerPoint presentations about marathon training plans.
  • Syntax
     [keywords] filetype:[file type extension]

18. Google Area Code Lookup

Easily find where an area code is located. Enter the words area code plus the three-digit code, then Google will return the location. Tip - we can also search in the reverse to find all area codes for a location. See both use cases below...

  • Use case 1
        You’re looking find where the area code 212 originates.
  • Syntax
        area code [3-digit area code]        You’re looking find the area codes for New York City.
  • Syntax
        area code [location]

19. Conversion Calculations

Use Google to convert US to Metric or any other like measurements.

  • Use case
        You’re looking to convert 32 miles (a US distance measurement) to kilometers (a metric distance measurement).
  • Syntax
        convert [data value + unit of measure] to [like unit of measure]

20. Google Zip Code Lookup

It’s easy to find the zip code for an address.

  • Use case
        You want to find the zip code for the White House, you’d enter.
  • Syntax
        [street number] + [street name] + [city] + [state]

21. Stock Information

Enter a company’s stock ticker symbol in your search bar, to get the latest performance data.
TIP: if you don’t know a company’s ticker symbol use Syntax 2.

  • Use case
    You’re looking for Microsoft’s stock performance.
  • Syntax 1
        [stock ticker symbol]
  • Syntax 2
        [company name] stock

22. Google Search Calculator

Use Google as a calculator by entering your calculation into the search bar.

Numerical operators

* for multiply
+ to add
- to subtract
/ to divide

  • Use case
        You’re looking to multiply 20 times 25.
  • Syntax
        [number] [operator] [number]

23. Tip Calculator

Want to figure out the tip? Besides regular calculations, Google also has a handy tip calculator function. Enter the search term tip calculator into the search box. Google will return a simple calculator to help you determine the percentage to tip based on your total bill.

24. Search Within Numeric Ranges

To find information that falls within a range of numbers (dates for example), use two periods between a set of numbers. This tip is most powerful when combined with a set of keywords.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for Star Wars data from the date range 1977 to 1983.
  • Syntax
        [keywords] [first date]..[second date]

NOTE: you can leave [first date] off as optional.

25. Stopwatch

Use Google stopwatch if you don’t have your smartphone handy, enter stopwatch into Google for a stopwatch tool.

26. Timer

If you need a timer and don’t have your smartphone handy, enter timer into Google for a stopwatch tool.

  • Use case
        You need a ten-minute timer
  • Syntax
        [length of time] timer

27. Sunrise and Sunset

Find sunrise and sunset times on a specific day and/or location we’d use the term sunrise or sunset.

  • Syntax 1:
        sunrise {enter} - Google uses your IP location
  • Syntax 2:
        sunrise New Haven, CT
  • Syntax 3:
        sunset los angeles February 23, 2021

28. Weather Data

If you’re looking for weather information for a particular location, enter the location plus the word weather. Google will return current conditions, weather alerts and forecasts for that location.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for the current weather in Seattle, Washington.
  • Syntax 1
        weather [location]
  • Syntax 2
        [location] weather

29. Flight Status

A little-known search tip that will save frequent fliers some time is the flight status search. Enter the airline name plus the flight number. Google will return information about the flight including estimated departure time delay information and current status.

  • Use case
        You’re looking to track the status of a Delta flight 101.
  • Syntax 1
        [airline name] [fight number]
  • Syntax 2
        [airline abbreviation] [fight number]

30. Sports Scores, etc

Are you a sports fan? Google search is an easy way to stay on top of scores and the latest news about your favorite team. Enter the name of your team or two teams playing each other, and Google will return information about scores and schedules.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for info on the Champions League game, Manchester United vs PSG.
  • Syntax
        [team 1] [keywords] [team 2]

31. Nutrition Information

Trying to decide what to have for lunch? Enter your food item for info about fat content, calories, nutrients and more.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for nutrition info on a grilled chicken salad.
  • Syntax
        [food item] nutrition

32. Google Images Search

Find images name, description and type.

  • Use case
        You’re looking for sales funnel image in PNG format.
  • Syntax
        [keyword] image type

33. Movie Search

Find info about a movie such as showtimes, IMDB rating, streaming services, cast and more.

  • New movie (use case)
        You’re looking for showtimes for the latest Avengers Movie.
  • Syntax
        movie:[new movie name]
  • Old movie (use case)
        You’re looking for streaming services that have the old Humphrey Bogart movie "Casablanca".
  • Syntax
        movie:[old movie name]

34. Do A Barrel Roll

This is a fun little hack my kids showed me.

35. Flip A Coin

Who carry's cash these days or better yet - coins! For those times you when you need a coin flip.

36. Askew

Another fun little hack I do to my wife's laptop.

37. Arcade Games

Ahh when you just need to take a mental break. Kick back with a few arcade games - then get back to work :)