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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

What is FIVERR and how to make money from FIVERR?

make money from FIVERR

Freelancing can be considered the best way to earn money with freedom. 

One such freelancing medium is Fiverr. So get ready to know "What is Fiverr 

and how to make money from Fiverr with full details"

Hello friends!

How are you?

Guys, in this article you will learn “What is Fiverr and how to make money from 

Fiverr?”. In this article, I will also explain "How Fiverr works" and "What jobs can 

be done on Fiverr as freelancing".

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an Israeli online marketplace where anyone can offer their freelance 

services as well as anyone can take their services as a client.

According to Wikipedia, it was started in February 2010 by Micha Kaufman and 

Shai Wininger. This is an international website so there is no shortage of freelance 

jobs. If you visit this website you will find people from almost every country doing 

freelance jobs. Let me also tell you that many professionals from India, Pakistan 

and Bangladesh are using this website to support themselves and their families.
Here every single freelance service is called "Gig". Any "gig" costs a minimum of 

5 (382) and a maximum of $ 995 (70,000). A gig can have three different versions, 

at 3 different prices.

That is, you (seller) have to decide how much you charge the client for that service. 

Which is the greatest freedom of a freelancer. So for a Freelancer, Earning Potential 

on Fiverr is a bit like limitless.

As a freelancer, selling your services here is absolutely free.

Some more websites like Fiverr:

What are the things that can be done to make money on Fiverr?

make money from FIVERR

  • Website design
  • Video editing
  • By writing articles
  • Voice-over
  • Book-cover design
  • Graphics design
  • Coding
  • Gaming
  • Online coaching
  • Digital marketing
  • From Facebook Ads
  • By creating YouTube / Instagram / Facebook thumbnail
  • Apart from these by doing many jobs

How does Fiverr work? 

For a Freelancer (Seller),

Fiverr mainly works in 3 Steps:

Step 1: Create a Gig

In this you have to join (sign-up) Fiverr which is absolutely free. After that you 

have to make your first "Gig". "Gig" is the service you want to offer to your client, 

as a freelancer. So don't be shy about sharing it on social media, your first order 

may come from here.

Step 2: Deliver great work

Now you have to wait for your first order. Before you start your first freelancing 

project, get all the information about the project from your client. Only then 

accept that project. Because this information will be important in delivering the 

project successfully and on time. You will use the Fiverr platform for all these 


Step 3: Get paid

After successfully delivering your project, it comes down to money. Yes, of 

Payment. As soon as each gig order is completed, Fiverr transfers 80% of your 

share to your account. You need to start your freelancing journey on Fiverr by 

joining this website. Let us know how to join Fiverr? How to make your first gig 

on Fiverr? 

make money from FIVERR

And finally, how to make money with Fiverr? 


Step 1: Join Fiverr

First visit Fiverr's website, Here you have to register on Fiverr as a “Seller”, for 

this you have to click on 

“Become a Seller”.

make money from FIVERR

Here you get 4 Options: - 

  • Facebook 
  • Google 
  • Apple or 
  • Email. 

Proceed by choosing what is right for you. Here, I select the Email option.

make money from FIVERR

After entering your Email-ID, choose your Username and Password. Then click 

on “Join”. And congratulations, your account has become the world's best 

freelancing website, Fiverr.

make money from FIVERR

Step 2: Learn about Fiverr in details

After creating an account, it is now your turn to learn more about Fiverr with full 

details. Like, "Create Profile", "Create Gig".

make money from FIVERR

Read about all these things one by one. If not, it can be skipped.

Step 3: Complete Your Fiverr Profile

Here you complete your profile. Your details in the profile must be accurate and 

precise. e.g.

  • Personal Information,
  • Professional Information,
  • Linked Accounts (add Fiverr to social-media account, Facebook / Twitter /),
  • Account Security (security question).

make money from FIVERR

Remember, don't leave your Photo, Skills, Language, Education, Certification 

blank. Doing so has a negative effect on your profile.

Also your Email and Mobile no. Be sure to verify. You may have received an email 

and SMS from Fiverr for this.

After doing all this, get your freelancing account ready on Fiverr.

Step 4: Create Your First Gig

After completing the account, now it is your turn to create your first freelancing 

service i.e. “Gig”. For this you can also check the gigs of some Successful 

Freelancers related to your field / service on Fiverr.

One thing to keep in mind during this time is that your "Gig" should not be copied 

by anyone, make it unique and to the point.

make money from FIVERR

So no matter what, go to your profile and click on “Create a New Gig”.

Fill in all the details correctly and accurately while making the gig. Remember 

this is the "thing" that a client will hire you to see. You have to enter all these 

details while making a gig.

  • Gig title
  • Category / Sub-category
  • Search tags
  • Scope & Pricing (Basic / Standard / Premium: - 3 versions for 3 prices)
  • Extra services
  • Gig description
  • Requirements
  • Gig gallery (video & photos)
  • After entering all these details, “Publish” your first gig.

make money from FIVERR

Something like this picture comes to you after publishing a gig

Step 5: Share Your Gig on Social-media

As you can see in the photo above, here you find the link to your "Gig" i.e. 

freelance service. Don't be ashamed to share this link on social media.

Now all you have to do is wait for your first order. If you have reached this step 

then you really deserve congratulations, so many congratulations from 

Paisapur.com & good luck for the future, for your freelancing business

Questions / Answers related to Fiverr - Q&A

How much does it cost to join Fiverr?

Absolutely free.

What can a “gig” cost?

From $ 5 to $ 995

Can you share social media details with your client?

No, not at all. If you do, your account may be banned as soon as Fiverr finds out.

How Much Money Can You Make On Fiverr?

No matter what, because there is no limit.

Can I do a part-time job here?

Absolutely, your choice. Whether part-time or full-time.


I hope this article on Fiverr helps you in starting your freelancing business.

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