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Modern-Day Postcard Marketing

Effective Postcard Marketing

Postcards are probably the most efficient marketing tools you may use to generate web traffic or sales leads.

Postcards aren't new

plus they might not be very exciting. But they really work. particularly if you follow these 6 proven postcard marketing tactics. 

Know What You Want 

Decide what you want your postcards to accomplish. Most marketers use postcards to attract new customers. But you may also use them for other purposes like generating repeat sales or cultivating client loyalty.

In addition, decide what you want the recipients of your postcards to do. For instance, would you like them to visit your website, pick up the telephone to ring you, come into your store .or something else? 

Use the Best Mailing List  

If you would like postcards to generate repeat sales, you have the email list - your clients. However, if you want postcards to attract new clients, you should get an email list. Fortunately, there are top-quality electronic mailing lists available that may deliver your sales message directly to your best prospects. For instance, get a list of prospects who previously requested information about products comparable to those you sell .or a subscriber list to publications read by prospects in your target market.

You may get these along with other top-quality lists from most email list brokers. Design Your Postcard to Look Like a Friendly Message - People like friendly messages. They do not like advertising. Take benefit of this by designing your postcard to look at first glance like a message from a buddy instead of like an ad in a magazine. Avoid borders, graphics along other design features frequently utilized in advertising. 

Do not let them put your postcard aside for later action. They'll become involved with alternative activities and forget about it. For instance, offer the reader a discounted price, a special bonus or some other advantage if they reply by a deadline.

Use Real Stamps  

Use real postage stamps on your postcards. You can send postcards by First Class Mail in the US for only 24 cents if you make them at least 3 1/2 by 5 inches, but no larger than 4 1\4 by 6 inches. Time the Delivery of Your Postcards - Mail your postcards so they're likely to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. The volume of mail delivered at those times is usually light and your postcards won't have to compete with lots of other mail delivered at the same time. Controlling the delivery day of your postcards is easy if you use First Class Mail. Just allow 2 to 3 days for delivery - depending upon how far they've to go. That is the normal delivery time for First Class Mail in the United States. Postcards have been around for quite a long time .but they've become an extremely effective present-day promotional tool.

Effective Postcard Marketing

Real Estate agents all over the US are finding that the aggressive use of real estate postcards in promoting their name and services is very efficient in gaining new clients and increasing commissions. Let us examine why postcards work. Real Estate Postcards are affordable and attention-grabbing. Since a postcard doesn't need an envelope, your message has a head start at getting attention. The start of any successful marketing effort begins with an attention-grabbing first impression. Real estate marketing postcards have been around for quite a long time, and have been loved by marketing professionals because they're extremely visible and have a tendency to generate responses.

postcard marketing

With today's printing technology, full-color real estate postcards are more affordable than ever before. Real estate marketing postcards are read by over 99% of your prospects. Think about the last time you received a postcard in the mail. What did you do with it? If you are like many people you probably read it as soon as you took it out of your mailbox. You might then throw it away, but by that time the marketing message already got to you. It is this immediate impact that makes real estate postcards so effective in prospecting. You only have a couple of seconds to get someone's attention, and a postcard may do that better than every other mail piece since the title and marketing message are right there screaming at the reader.

No envelope to open, no paper to sort through. Real estate marketing postcards are very cheap To send than regular mail. You can mail 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches postcard via First Class Mail for just 23 cents. You could make small, targeted postcard campaigns and get the same results as an expensive print or broadcast campaign may bring. Another advantage of real estate postcards is that you could mail them bulk mail, and the impact is the same. There's no reason to pay for first-class postage. This permits you to go as large as 11 inches x 6 inches and still be inside the range of a standard mail letter, which will only cost you between 17 cents and 23 cents to mail depending upon your list.

These large real estate marketing postcards really stand out in the mail. For realtors, the key to success is to mail to the same farm area over and over to get your name in front of prospects' clients enough in order that they remember you when it's time to list or purchase a home. The most successful agents mail at least 500 real estate postcards each time they list or sell a home to the immediate vicinity of the property. They also mail holiday greetings and calendar cards. 

They create special promotions or joint venture promotions with local businesses such as Come into our Flower Shop and get a Free Valentine Rose Compliments of Jane Williams Realty.

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