8 Steps to write SEO Optimized Content 2021


8 Steps to write SEO Optimized Content

Every content writers knows about writing the good content with creating the curiousity. It will works for a period of time. But it willn't work forever. So the writers must work with SEO experts or the content writers must understand the basics of writing the seo optimized content.

I don't want to go deep in writing story to boring you! Now will explain the simple points to alert you on writing seo optimized content. Well, you must dig more of each points. Also, these are all A/B testing only.

The points are:

1. Identify your targeted audience

This is the first step you should start with writing any content. For whom do you want to address your content. That is most important aspect. So that you can proceed further.

For example, if you just want to provide information, it should be more informative about the topic. If you are writing about your product, it should be more think of conversion.

2. Prepare your content requirements

You must aware of the particular topic in deep or research well before you start writing. You want to prepare the main topic and the sub topics you should covered under the topic. You should check with the business development team or the product strategy team to confirm the topics.

You should think it in user perspective. You should have a discussion to confirm the meeting.

3. Find your targeting keywords

The most important aspect in writing SEO optimized content.

There are two types of keywords available- informative and conversion keywords in general.

You can find the relevant keywords and search volume using keyword planner. You can also find the keywords relating to your query in google search "people also search", it give some idea about choosing the keywords. Based on search query and the competition level, you can choose the best keywords for your topic.

4. Placing your keywords in content and writing tags - Using of Long tail keywords

The keyword placement determines your organic ranking. Your targeting keyword must placed in meta tags (title, description), H1 tags.

The writing of meta title, description decides your CTR in organic ranking. You should write these for users as well search engines. The keyword placement in content and H2 tags, you shouldn't directly optimize keywords in these most places. You should place the relevant searches and long tail keywords in the content itself.

Definitely, if you place with following this, you can rank your content.

5. Using conversion text, images, and videos in the content

After your content ranking on search engines, definitely your traffic for the content will increase. Your content only works if your reader spend time to read the content and do some conversions with that.

Use to create some engagement and curiosity. If you use videos it will give some engagement among the readers.

6. Final Thoughts and About Author

Every readers must expect conclusion of the story. So that they can satisfied with the content. Also you must give your name, experience in writing the content, where this thought evolve to write this writer. These points will give the some authentication about your writing.

7. Not only end with publishing - Promote yourself

This is the final touch. After publishing your content with checking the alignment, and bold the some important notes. You must promote by adding it in the email newsletters and social media. Also build some backlinks for the content links.

8. The other points you should check

CopyScape, Grammar, Spell check, Spacing between the content.

Why Do I posting this?

Everyone aware of this already, it might help for someone who is new to this industry and content writing is a not simple task. It is a gifted parameter to make some one happy or give clarity for the readers.

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